Correl campaign IV is a 4th Edition D&D group based in the Kingdom of Correl. - MarauderX MarauderX Mar 30, 2012

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Correl IV - Beneath the Surface Chapters of Adventure:
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Archives: Campaign I: Element of OriginCampaign II - Return of KnowledgeCampaign III: The Burning City

About the content: These pages are for a D&D campaign that started up in January, 2004, and I will be posting most session updates here. Forgive my poor writing skills as I occasionally fade from 2nd person to 3rd and back to 1st in the span of a sentence, but I do not have solid blocks of time often enough to complete cohesive thoughts. Instead I will be posting up a patchwork of the happenings of the characters and their progress per session as more of a record for us and a place to make comments and such.